The NEW is Up and Running


Did you know that the previous incarnation of had over 400 pages? The new has about a fourth of the pages but double the information. Our new website has been redesigned and redeveloped from the ground up to provide an enhanced and streamlined user experience, easier access and navigation and brighter, easier-to-read colors. Let's talk about some of the changes that we've made.

The first innovation we deployed here was to consolidate all content into as few pages as possible. We did that by eliminating sub-pages, landing pages, and making all pages accessible from every other page with a reimagined navigation system that relies on "ultra-dropdown" menus.

Ultra-Dropdown Menus

The ultra-dropdown menus of the new allow fast, simplified and "at-a-glance" navigation, opening access to every page of the site to every other page. You'll never have to move through subpages and landing pages again and you'll always only need to click once to get wherever you need to go.


Within the site on the inside pages, you'll find a right column with a variety of buttons with different functions, depending upon the page you happen to be on. These expand "Infopanels" that we've used to consolidate our information on one page. For example, on the old, Montage Residential Ornamental Steel fence had its various features and options spread across seven seperate pages. On the new site, Montage still has listed all of its features and options, but unified onto one page.

Infopanels give you the user the additional choice to access what most interests you, while not overwhelming you with all the information all at once.

Specs & Drawings

The new Specs & Drawings page has all the available resources for all of our products all in one place. Do you need to grab a spec, product drawing, or review an installation video? It's easy. Simply go to the Specs & Drawings page and click on the link with the name of the product that you're interested in. When you do, a table will appear showing all available resources as icons in a grid. To view, share, download or print the Impasse II warranty for a Gauntlet style panel, just click on the warranty icon in the first row of the table. The PDF of the warranty will open in a new tab or browser window depending upon your browser or browser settings.

To dismiss the table for the product, click on the product name link again. Remember, though, that this is optional and that you may have as many product tables open at the same time as you would like.

Products with available resources will also have a button in the product page's right column marked "Product Resources." When you click this button, you will be taken to the Specs & Drawings page and the appropriate table will automatically appear at the top of your browser window. Try out the new Specs & Drawings now!

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