Security Fencing

High Security Steel Fence

Impasse II®

High Security Steel Fence

A heavy steel palisade fence with an threatening profile and integrated rail design, the Impasse II has the best delay time compared to other security fence products.

Anti-Climb Fence

Impasse II Anti-Scale®

Anti-Climb High Security Fence

Decreased anti-climb pale spacing helps prevent climbing, and increases the delay time when trying to cut or pry through the fence.

WireWorks Welded Wire Fence


Welded Wire Fence

Architectural mesh fence that helps prevent cutting and climbing with a rail framework that can support a complete perimeter security platform.

Ornamental Steel Security Fence

Montage II®

High Security Ornamental Steel Fence

A high-performance steel security fence with an appealing wrought iron fencing look.

Industrial Steel Fence

Aeigis II®

High Security Ornamental Steel Fence

Security fencing that can be customized to correspond with the specs of any perimeter security project

Modular Enclosure


High Security Modular Enclosures & Partitions

MOdular enclosure with multiple architectural mesh fence filler choices, each having distinctive features that offer specific levels of delay and visual screening.

Anti-Ram Barrier and High Security Steel Fence

Stalwart IS®

Anti-Ram Barrier With High Security Steel Fence

The Stalwart IS (Impasse Security) system combines an intimidating high security fence with an anti-ram barrier.

Anti-Ram Barrier & Ornamental Steel Fence

Stalwart II®

Anti-Ram Barrier with Ornamental Steel Fence

A aesthetically pleasing combination of an ornamental steel fence with the protection of the Stalwart anti-ram barrier.

Post & Rail Anti-Ram Crash Barrier


Post & Rail Anti-Ram Crash Barrier

The Stalwart anti-ram barrier is a standalone crash barrier. The economical passive perimeter barrier system available on the market it can also be installed adjacent to an existing perimeter fence for increased security and protection.