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During 2014, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) ordered the North American Energy Reliability Corporation (NERC) to establish Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) standards.

Ameristar has established a team of Security Experts to aid and assist Power Utility companies in finding the best solution for each of their sites. We understand that each site will have unique challenges that will require a balance of active security components and physical security systems to meet the CIP requirements.

Positive Grounding

Matrix, Impasse II, and Impasse II Anti-Scale are designed to minimize the system impedance to comply with IEEE grounding requirements. No additional grounding material, beyond the structure grounding lug installation, is required to create safe low resistance fence system. By way of fence construction, all Matrix, Impasse II, and Impasse II Anti-Scale system are inherently grounded without the need for any additional work. Grounding location at the post is for taking the fence system to site ground.

Matrix - Mesh Solution

The Matrix framework allows you to integrate security peripherals i.e. anti-ram cabling, intrusion detection cabling, access control wiring, communication & video cables, conduits, etc.

Impasse Anti-Scale Solution

Impasse Anti-Scale decreases the pale spacing to provide greater strength, decreased visibility and an increased level of security to would be intruders.

Mark Kirby | Power Utility Specialist - Midwest & Atlantic/Northeast

Gregg Neitzke | Power Utility Specialist - West & South/Southeast

Phone: 866.702.3192 | Email: ameristarmktg@assaabloy.com

Mark and Gregg are Ameristar's power utility experts. Their top priority is to simplify the process of upgrading your physical security to meet CIP standards. Mark and Gregg can guide you to custom solutions for your facility. Call, email or simply fill out the form below to request more information.

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