GalvOnAll®Galvanized Steel Chain-Link Framework

GalvOnAll - Galvanized Steel Chain-Link Framework

Whether your need is residential, commercial or industrial fence, Ameristar offers galvanized framework for all chain link fencing applications. It is produced from high yield pre-galvanized steel, and manufactured with our state-of-the-art mill forming process. Our pre-galvanized steel means a longer life for your fence project, and will not rust from the inside when compared to traditional in-line galvanized fence framework products.

Exceptional Strength

The high-tensile steel and advanced roll-forming process used to produce GalvOnAll GBR-40 chain link fence framework results in a strength superior to Schedule 40 pipe. Ameristar’s GalvOnAll chain link fence framework begins with a coil of pre-galvanized steel that results in a consistent galvanized protection on both the outside and inside surfaces. GalvOnAll’s total protection process achieves much greater corrosion and exposure resistance than conventional galvanized framework employing a painted interior.

Exceeding The Standards

GalvOnAll chain link fence framework meets multiple industry standards, making it the minimum requirement for many state and city codes:

  • ASTM F1043 Specification for Strength and Protective Coatings on Metal Industrial Chain Link Fence Framework
  • RR-F-191/3 Federal Specification Sheet for Fencing, Wire and Post, Metal (Chain-Link Fence Posts, Top Rails and Braces)
  • AASHTO M181 Standard Specification for Chain-Link Fence