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Commercial Fencing for SchoolsWe can help you find the right fence and gate system that will provide a safe learning environment for your school. Our school security systems include: perimeter fence, playground fence, stadium/field fence, security gates and pedestrian egress gates.

Preferred Choice: Montage II

Montage II Steel Commercial Ornamental Fence
Montage II fence system is an ideal choice for school security. It brings durability and elegance to every school facility.
  • The larger distance between the top two rails and 1 inch pickets make for a stronger fence.
  • Ameristar's E-Coat process ensures no maintenance fees and long lasting security for years to come.
  • Additional resources and drawings

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Gate Integrations

Montage II easily integrates with the following gate systems:

Cantilever Slide Gate: Transport

Egress Gate: Exodus

Swing Gate: Montage II

Security Expert

Ameristar has specialists to guide school administrators through the process of securing their school's perimeter.

Mark Murphy | K12 & Higher Education Perimeter Security Expert

Tel: 866-702-3192

Email: Mark Murphy@assaabloy.com