PermaCoat®Color Steel Chain-Link Framework

PermaCoat Color Chain-Link Framework

Our PermaCoat color chain link fencing framework was developed to answer the need for a more durable, yet attractive and affordable option in chain link fencing projects. Whether it's residential, commercial or industrial, PermaCoat is the ideal framework for your perimeter fencing because it's produced from high yield strength galvanized steel, using state-of-the-art mill forming and in-line welding techniques.


It comes with our PermaCoat powder coating system, with its double layer of protection. The base coat is a epoxy moisture barrier which is thermally fused to the galvanized substrate and is reknowned for its outstanding corrosion resistance. The finish coat is a thermo-setting TGIC no-mar polyester top coat with enhanced UV resistance to maintain a beautiful color finish for a lifetime of maintenance-free enjoyment. Available in black, green and brown, we offer a 15-year warranty against cracking, chipping, peeling, blistering and corroding.

Exceptional Strength

Ameristar’s PermaCoat chain link fence framework is available in all industry standard sizes and weights meeting ASTM F1043. Ameristar manufactures the PermaCoat framework from high yield strength pre-galvanized steel, using state-of-the-art mill forming and in-line welding techniques.

Easier Installation

Fence contractors prefer the PermaCoat coated chain link fence framework over traditional heavy mil coatings. The PermaCoat coating has a smooth finish making the material easier to install through loop-caps and/or barb-arms. This easy installation helps save time on projects by not tying up valuable resources on a simple install. The PermaCoat chain link fence framework is also the preferred choice for fabricating gates and other structures such as chain link fence backstops and tennis courts.